Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Nigerian media community lost yet another illustrious member yesterday. Mr. Soji Adegbesan, the award-winning Photojournalist who worked with Punch newspaper died in a fatal motor accident on his way from Ilorin, Kwara state where he had gone to cover an event for Punch. He was travelling in a public commercial bus when the tragic accident, which reportedly claimed several other lives, happened.
Very hardworking, creative and free-minded, the industry and the entire high society will surely miss him. Adieu Soji Adegbesan.

Hon. Temitope John Derby
Any keen observer of the Nigerian political scene in the last few years will easily notice that things are changing gradually. Unlike in the past, the present political terrain lacks men and women of colour and this accounts for the lull in the political arena currently. The General election is coming up next year 2011 and yet there is noting on the ground in terms of political activities to suggest that a major election is approaching. Most political pundits in the land have attributed this to the exodus of certain political players whose participation in the process naturally add verve and colour to Nigeria's political landscape. Some of these notable politicians are currently either outside the country on self-imposed exile as a result of political persecution in the hands of the ruthless ruling class or are not just interested in the process this time because of their not-too-pleasant experiences the last time. For instance, politicians like Semiu Dayo Okondo, Goke Olatunji, Hon. Temitope John Derby(the associate of PDP stalwart Otunba Segun Awolowo and the Late PDP Lagos governorship candidate, Eng Funso Williams), Sir Bosun Agodo, Ogbuefi Alex Chijoke, Emeka Offor, Tanko Yussuf and many others are believed to be presently outside the country because of the fear of being persecuted by the ruthless hawks in power. Well, as the next election approaches, it is our hope that those running the show of power in Nigeria will be more tolerant and open up the political space in the interest of the masses.In the mean time, let us wish President Umaru Musa Yaradua a speedy recovery. God Bless Nigeria.


AlooFar said...

RIP, Soji.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Aww this is sad. RIP Soji...

Sola Folowosele said...

well, blogger's security system is obviuosly under attack by hackers.this accounts for all these meaningless "comments" anonymous. i hv reset the comment settings for this blog. please bear with me. and accept my aplogy for not updating since January.