Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last saturday in Lagos, celebrities from all walks of life converged on the expansive premises of British Int School, Lekki to celebrate with Olorogun Oscar Ibru who attained the age of 50..below are some of the faces at the one-in-town shindig..
Olorogun Ibru cutting the cake with his famly Dr. Tunde Soleye stepping into the venue with his wife Nike Osinowo-Soleye..inspite of several criticsms from those who thought their relationship won't be able to stand, the duo has remained inseperable Obaro Ibru in full swing..Obaro once won the St Moritz most stylish Nigerian guy some years back..but some people think the guy is not the dandiest dresser in town.. now, i dont know what to believe cos im not a fashion & style it's up you folks to help do justice to Obaro's much talked about sense of fashion
waoh!!!..give it to Lagos babes, they know how to make guys grow weak on their knees.This 'HEAVILY' endowed daughter of Eve caught the attention of our camera at Oscar's gig and we couldnt resist the temptation of clicking deep into those soothing cleavages...isn't she hot?..well,call me if you are intere..i hav hands are shivering....