Tuesday, July 29, 2008


When she left Sterling Bank to join First Bank early last year most us thought she had finally found a suitable place to display her banking wizardry but yours sincerely can tell you authoritatively that top-flight female banker, Maryan Ezeckukwu has moved again.
Impeccable sources within the banking industry informed solafolowosele.blogspot.com that beautiful Maryan is now with GT Bank as an Assistant General Manager.
According to insiders at First Bank, Maryan called it quit with FBN when the GTB carrot became too irresistible for her to turn down.
Right now,solafolowosele.blogspot.com scooped that she’s been posted to the Freetown branch where is currently over-seeing the Serria-Leone branch of the bank. As an AGM, she is number 3 in hierarchy in the Serria Leonean office of GT Bank.
A hardworking mother of three, Maryan had previously worked in various capacities with Magnum Trust Bank before the merger. Ever since the sudden demise of her hubby, Ikenna, in 2004, she has remained focused on her career and kids. Her dad is Prof. Patrick Mowete, an erudite scholar and retired University of Ibadan don...The picture above shows Maryan Ezechukwu.


One fashion designer who is currently hot and smoking on the scene in Lagos, Nigeria is Princess Cynthia A.. the boss 0f PRINCESS UNLIMITED SIZES fashion house..right now in Lagos virtually all the high society women and men in Lagos and beyond are addicted to her designs which come in various exotic sizes and shapes. These days hardly can any high society event take place without her designing more than half of some of the best outfits for such occassions..Very hard working and extremely creative, Princess, as she is fondly called is the kid on the block right now as far as fashion in Lagos is concern..she occupies the 1st and 2nd floor of n0 7 Toyin street Ikeja,Lagos for her show room and workshop..what further impresses people about her personality is the fact that she is a walking advertisementof her fashion business..after 4 wonderful kids she remains trim, shapely and gorgeously beautiful..As captured in the two pictures above


Budding actress Eniola Ogbaya was a year older few days back. Heard that friends and associates of the fast-rising screen star gathered in her family home in Lagos to celebrate with her. Enny, as she’s fondly called recently featured in some flicks which will soon hit the shelves. Among them are “Ogo timo Gbe wa ye” and “Oba Adekedajo”.
Very friendly, sociable and humble, the beautiful actress is a rising Nollywood star to watch out for.


One after the other, members of the pen-pushing profession in Nigeria are quitting the bachelors's club and, the boys among us are gradually evolving into men. Really, this good news: Come August 16, 2008 , it will be the turn of hardworking celebrity reporter, Niyi Tabiti, to finally settle down with the love of life. The name of the lucky bride-in-waiting is Teju but the venue and other arrangements are yet to be disclosed. However, from all indications, plans towards making the wedding a success are already in top gear. An ex-Global Excellence, ex-Fame and ex-Daily Independent, Niyi Tabiti is now the Publisher of the hot and smoking Nigeria's entertainment and society blog gistmaster.com.


Penultimate Sunday would go down in history as a memorable day in the lives of Alhaja Adetoun Kudirat Raji (aka Mama Lekan) and that of her entire household. That was the day the who-is-who in the entire Lagos social and business circuit converged on The Balmoral Event Centre in Lagos , to honour her on her 50th birthday. Before the Sunday event, an Ismalic prayer session had earlier held in her family home in Gbagada area of Lagos . At the prayer session were top clerics from the Lagos Island branch of NASFAT, family members like her husband, Alhaji Raji, Prince Ade Adetela, the celebrant’s children and others. But at the main society party which took place on Sunday July 20, 2008, virtually everybody who is somebody in the society was there. Montai, Sade Alesh, Kudi Ayoola, Ibrahim Borokini and so many others in fact the list is endless. On the bandstand were King Sunny Ade (KSA) and his band. And as expected, everyone had more than enough to eat and drink as KSA treated guests to several of his famous tunes. Apart from some minor skirmishes however, the party very grand and lavish and many who attended it will not forget the memories quickly.


I was alone, dry and somewhat forlorn last night in my bed…and thoughts of certain events of the past kept flashing through my subliminal. This morning I feel compelled to just ‘blog’ them out. come with me.
Within the first three months of year last year (2007), I lost two of the most precious individuals in my life: KAYODE FAYEMI (alias Chicago) and TUNDE VICTOR AYILARAN. Kayode Fayemi was the guy who converted me single-handed from a disillusioned part-time teacher and wannabe society photographer to a journalist. In the summer of 2003 when I joined his editorial crew at THE CELEBRITY MAGAZINE in Lagos, he gave me the first opportunity to express myself in writing through the pages of the then fledging journal and since then there has been no looking back for me on the job. And because he was one hell of a boss who won’t ever accept your second best, he was always on my neck, expectedly that kept me on my toes.
But in the sunny afternoon of January 10, 2007, the unexpected happened! Kay had been an asthmatic for years and had been managing to survive on medication and inhalers. But on that fateful day he had an ‘attack’, he wasn’t with his inhaler and before help could come he died!
As at the time of his death, he was the Executive Editor of Wole Arisekola’s Street Journal. He was also contributing to Global Excellence Magazine and PM News using various pen names. Kayode died at the age of 41 and left behind 5 all-girl children, a widow and an aged father.( Note: Dr. Kayode Fayemi who contested for Ekiti State governorship last year and Kayode ‘Chicago’ Fayemi were mere name-sakes and not related but I am sure they met at least once before Chicago ‘went home’)
Tunde Ayilaran on the other hand was my cousin. We grew up together in Idao / Ijero Ekiti,(Ekiti State,Nigeria). While growing up, we had the ambition of joining the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) and becoming senior military officers, we were banking on using the influence of our big uncle, Air Marshal Akin Dada then, but somehow it didn’t work out so we faced other directions in life. We later came to live together for years at Iya-Ijebu’s house at Oke-Ira, Ogba-Lagos. We separated when his girlfriend, Yemi got pregnant and moved in with us early 1998.
As it were, Tunde happened to be the closest to me out of all the members of my family (both immediate and extended). He was the only one who knew all my little secrets, he knew all my ups and down, he knew my entire struggle too. I often used him as the yardstick to measure my speed in life. He was always there to chide me frankly and express his displeasure with me over anything I left undone in my usual carefree manner. He would have been the ideal person to be my witness on the day of my ‘celebration’ because he alone knew how tough the journey had been. But then, one fateful morning in the month of March, 2007, he went to the farm and never returned on his legs.
Five years earlier,(in 2002), he had relocated from Lagos to Ekiti when he lost his job as the store clerk of Specomill Nigeria Plc in Ikeja. When he got to Ekiti, he had wanted to contest for the councillorship seat of our ward in Ijero Ekiti on the platform of the then Alliance for Democracy (AD) but it didn’t work out as anticipated. While building his political profile and waiting patiently for his time therefore, he got involved in timber business in the locality to keep body and soul together. He had a group of boys working with him and things were going on fairly well. Then one cloudy morning in the ides of March, 2007, he went to inspect his workers who were busy felling trees for him on father’s farm in Ara-Ekiti: out of the blues, one of the trees swung off trajectory on its way down hit Tunde on the head. He died instantly!
He left behind two lovely daughters, and unknown to us, his widow was already pregnant with their third child before he died. So, few months after the tragic incident, Yemi gave birth to a cute baby boy who, as expected was christened “BABATUNDE” (meaning the father has returned).
It’s over a year now that these things happened, yet it’s like yesterday and each time I remember I feel like giving up everything. I feel like not living again. But I MUST LIVE and I MUST SUCCEED, so that what the duo lived for could be kept alive. Adieu Chicago: fare thee well Tunero