Monday, October 13, 2008



Chief Emma Nwude, the Owelle of Abagana is back to life! i hope you remember him? well, in case u dont, let me quickly remind you. Nwude and some of his 'partners' were convicted and sentenced to prison in 2005 by the EFCC (the Nigerian anti-corruption agency) for perpetrating the biggest bank heist in history. They were found guilty of defrauding a Brazilian bank known as SAKAGUCHI BANC to the tune of $ 242million. Some of their choice properties in Nigeria and abroad were also forfeited to the government. However, as a result of the usual "Nigerian factor", Nwude & co were released after few months behind the bar. Now the guy is back with full force to enjoy the remaining fruit of his "hard labour". metrogist-nigeria ran into him in company with his pals at a party in Lagos recently lookin fresh and cool in the midst of exotic wines and choice food. Of course, you can see it written all over him that " the storm is over". Pix: Chief Emma Nwude, recently


Self-acclaimed "Confluence Comedian Of the Order of the Niger" (CCOON), Sheddi Baba, is about to become a father! Are you trying to remember when he got married? well he hasn't, but his pretty girlfriend, Blessing is pregant and they are expecting their first baby very soon. Metrogist-Nigeria's findings revealed that, the mother-to-be, Blessing Eyamanesa from Warri Delta state is a student of Igbinedion University. Their path crossed not too long ago at a social function and since then they have remained inseperable. Right now Sheddi Baba, who just returned from a tour of about six states of Nigeria where he anchored the ECOBANK SHARE OFFER'S CUSTOMERS FORUM, is quite happy and fully excited about the coming baby. He is one of the wavemaking comedians in Nigeria. Pix: Sheddi Baba