Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hon. Temitope John Derby
Yesterday in the ancient city of IBADAN, Oyo State, i paid a visit to a friend who was hospitalized as a result of  injuries sustained in an auto crash. During the visit, i was confronted with a frightening scenario. Three young men were rushed into hospital's emergency centre with their badly mutilated body drenched in fresh blood. Checks later revealed that the guys were political thugs who got attacked with machete  in the head during a clash between their party and the supporters of the opposition party in the state.
As the 2011 elections got underway, every right thinking Nigerian should feel seriously worried that those in charge of security of lives and properties in Nigeria do not appear to be  prepared to provide a lasting solution to the nagging problems of  violence and general insecurity in the land. And i strongly believe that the solution to violence, brigandage, assassination and other vices in Nigeria's political system may remain elusive until these people saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order wake up from their slumber and do what they are paid to do.Some people would argue that they are trying their best, but it is obvious that their best is not just enough. Take for instance various cases of political violence that took place in the country between 2003and 2007 electioneering.Investigation to most of these cases are never concluded. After making few arrests (of mostly innocent people) shortly after the incident, nobody ever gets to hear about the progress made on such investigations anymore. In most cases, the investigators go the 'extra mile' of declaring some 'suspects' wanted. And even at that, nothing is achieved. For instance after a series of political violence and gruesome murders that took place in Nigeria around 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007, some folks were declared wanted by the authorities. Some of those declared wanted in connection with those violent clashes include notable political figures like Sir Bosun Agodo and Chief Segun Awolo. Others include , Hon.Temitope John Derby (a close associate of former Lagos Senatorial aspirant, Otunba Segun Awolowo and the late Funso Williams). there are also others like, Semiu Dayo Okondo, Goke Olatunji and many more. In most cases, these political personalities, like in the case of  Hon. Temitope John Derby, are declared wanted mainlly as a result of sheer political witch-hunt and persecution. Up till now, the authorities are yet to get a clue about the real masterminds of these violence neither have they been able to track down the whereabouts of those political players declared wanted. There is no evidence also that any meaningful attempt is being made to do justice to the family of most of the victims. As another election approaches...May God Help Nigeria.