Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, after several weeks of inactivity and indecision, i have finally decided to continue with this blog.should i apologise for not updating since July? i don't think so!ask me why?


Anonymous said...

Oga Sola, thanks for keeping to your words. I spoke with you yesterday. I decided to check whether your site is eventually updated as promised after many months..., weeks ke? Months ni o.
Do you owe anyone any apology?
I don't think so. We have a saying in Yoruba that if we promised to showcase our family masquerades but we decided to change our mind, who would get us arrested? No one.
But you also have to know that you have people who appreciate you and whose goodwill you should never ignore. Never.
Ko ni re yin l’oruko Jesu o, amin !

Sola Folowosele said...

Amen! many thanks Ma.

Christianah said...

Welcome back,we have missed you!!!!