Wednesday, May 13, 2009


(Above) Obinna and Ngozi

(above) the couple with groom's parent Seantor and Mrs Agboti

(above) the couple with Bride's parents, Dr and Mrs Victor Oyolu

(above) ....with Cross Rivers First Lady, Mrs Obioma Imoke
( (above) Mrs Obioma Imoke(left), Seantor Joy Emodi (middle) & Amabra state Deputy Governor, Dame Virgy Etiaba(right)

* (above) Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu and Mrs Iheanjiaka*

(above) Education Minister, Sam Egwu (left) & Fomer Senate President Ken Nnamani(right)

(above) Globe Motors Chairman, Chief Willy Anumudu(left), Polo watch CEO, John Obayuwana, Ambasssador Greg Mbadiwe, FRSC Corp-Marshal, Osita Chidoka(in red cap) and a Mbadiwe's friend
(above) Nkiru Anumudu aka Ifejie( left) and Olori Ladun Sijuade (right)

(above ) Groom's mother, Cordelia AGBOTI(left) & Former Governor Akume's wife, Regina

The Agbotis with Akin Ariyo(right)

Senator Ita Giwa(left) & Olori Yewande Onilere(right)
(above) Nkem Agboti (2nd right) and her friends

(above) Nkem Agboti

(above ) a guest

THANKS FOR VIEWING, up next> Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Dr. Sikiru ADETONA @75


Comella said...

Interesant blog.

Motte Valois said...

Hello! I really like these dresses, Nigeria seems to be a very interesting place and people seem so alive, so vibrant!

Great page, keep it up too!

Sola Folowosele said...

@motte Valois--thanks for stopping by..Nigeria is quite an interesting nation peopled by very enterprising and warm citizens..we will be glad to see you here someday..cheers

Anonymous said...

What does Ifejie mean? Nkiru shows her class and glamour as usual...;)

Sola Folowosele said...

@anon-may 14---lets throw it open...can any one from igboland help?

Anonymous said...

nice pics.

we are waiting for the "next" pics

Sola Folowosele said...

na wa o! everybody is now "Anonymous"! i will soon become anonymous too!

Anonymous said...

please can you post shade okoya pictures for her style and also ibidun ajayi ighodalo.

it would be greatly appreciated. thanks for all your coverage and well done.


Hi Sola, long time!
Your blog gets more intresting by the day. Nice colourful pics. Hope u are doing great! Holla

Anonymous said...

Hello Brother, since May 13, nothing from you. Is there nothing happening in Niger. Those of us in diaspora are waiting to hear from you now. You are one of the best, so stop starving us of correct news

Anonymous said...

please update, thanks a lot

Sola Folowosele said...

@anon-June 14,2009. 3:22pm--sorry for responding late.. i will post both pix shortly

@THE SEXY PICTURES ARE TALKING--thanks my buddy, im OK, im cool!

@anon-June 15,2009. 1:30pm--No vex o! it's due to "priority rearrangement".. but because of good people like you, i will update shortly.

@anon- OK!

Omosewa said...

Uncle Sola!!!! Please update ke:(

How are you doing?

Anonymous said...

does this blog still exist

Sola Folowosele said...

@Anon-July 15..5:31pm
this is stil alive and kicking...just that kinda took a like shine off blogger.

Anonymous said...


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